Scarcity Maker – Types of Timers and Features

ScarcityMaker let’s you add timers to any page or post that can start and end based on your needs. You can start an offer on a specific date or start a new offer for each user on their first arrival. 

  • Unlimited – Create as many timers as you need for all your offers.
  • Events – Expire by dates, holidays, anniversaries
  • Designs – Multiple designs to choose from
expire timer by ip
evergreen timer

Sometimes you run a promotion that has a specific start date. So if you wanted a sale BlackFriday – Cyber Monday – that is easily done. Sometimes you want an evergreen offer for instance,  one that runs for 7 days starting on each user first visit – ScarcityMaker does that too.

Timers do not need to be visible.

Wait, what?

Another application ScarcityMaker can support is to have a hidden timer that redirects the user. For example, you present an offer to a user, he comes back in 7 days he gets redirected to a different more enticing offer.

easy to set timers

Different Styles and Sizes of Timers

You can select from a number of styles of timer. You can also select a light or dark profile. Timer displays can also select wether to show days, hours, minutes and/or seconds. Timer size is also selectable between 250 and 550 pixels.


[scarcity id = 64974]

[scarcity id = 64999]

[scarcity id = 65000]

[scarcity id = 64975]

[scarcity id = 65001]

[scarcity id = 64976]

[scarcity id = 64977]

[scarcity id = 65002]

Timer in Small Size

[scarcity id = 64997]

More ….

Easily add to any page or post. Many designs and skins to choose from.

  • Widgets – Easily embed your timers in widget areas of your website
  • Shortcodes – Place a Scarcity timer anywhere on a page with simple shortcode