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WooCommerce Deals Engine

Our WordPress plugin, Deals Engine for WooCommerce will let you turn any standard WooCommerce product into a special deal. You can mark down your excess inventory as clearance items, engage your audience with Dime sales, create scarcity with limited time and/or quantity sales.


Variable Pricing – Showcase different pricing deals on Product Variations for each individual product listing!

Time Limited – Set the timer for your offer and watch as it counts down to the end, creating massive scarcity and a rush to buy before it ends. This tried and tested method works for a huge sales boost every time!

Limited Inventory – Set your inventory at a set number for your Deals and have them close automatically when you hit your sales limit! This increases sales like crazy!

Dime Sales – Set price increase increments based on the number of sales and watch your sales increase fast!
Evergreen Sales – Set price for deal to start when each user visits as opposed to a fixed date!

Clearance Deals – Automatically reduce the price of inventory as it ages. Your own online clearance  center that discounts at preset intervals for either a fixed amount or %.

Claim this Offer Options – Make buyers enter their email address to get emailed special offer coupon codes or vouchers from you!

Upcoming Deals – Showcase new offers before they go live to increase anticipation and sales. Use normal or special pricing options!

Expired and Sold Out Deals – Increase the sales for your next offer by showing Time Expired Deals and/ or Deals which have sold out based on a limited inventory based offer!

Support for WooCommerce Pdf Vouchers – NEW!

Deals Engine – WooCommerce Edition now supports the use of the WooCommerce Pdf Vouchers so that you can allow customers to add a value for their voucher to be redeemed with the new price field. Vouchers still cannot be redeemed as coupons for the online store, but can be used in person for the value entered at purchase, just like vouchers for which you set the amount. Turn your downloadable vouchers into physical gift certificates for redemption in person!