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wp Deals Engine

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wpDealsEngine – Free Edition plus Extensions

Discover the Best Solution for Creating Scarcity Based Social Media Powered Deals on Your WordPress Website! Create a complete deals site with checkout, payment gateways, email service integration. and more. Add deals to your existing blog or directory site – we give you the flexibility to choose.

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Fully Customizable

DealsCreate Deals and Special Offers Your way. Create dime sales, limited quantity offers, limited time only deals, or create unique combination offers.[/su_column]
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Social Media Integration

Integrations with Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and LinkedIn make this a powerful tool in Your Ecommerce arsenal.,Get more exposure from every deal with our powerful social media setup.[/su_column]
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Built-in Shopping Cart

No need to integrate with 3rd Party tools, our built-in shopping cart with one-page Checkout makes selling Your products easy and makes customers happy. We make selling uour offers easy.[/su_column][/su_row]
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Payment Gateways

The Social Deals Engine comes pre-installed with PayPal standard as a part of the built-in shopping cart so You can start selling right away. Need more options?,Look at our Payment Gateway Extensions and find Your preferred merchant partner.[/su_column]
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Individual or Multiple

DealsWith the Social Deals Engine You have the flexibility to create individual deals and special offers on Your current site or You can create a full daily deals type site. It is up to you. The plugin can do it all.[/su_column]
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Works with Any Theme

We built the plugin to work with You, not against You. Use it on any WordPress Theme and customize the look and feel with our Custom CSS options. The plugin is as flexible as You need it to be.[/su_column][/su_row][su_row]
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Customer Accounts

Automatic account creation on your site for Your customers. Customers can come back, check on orders, view purchase history, etc.,Plus with our Social Media integration, they can login with their favorite network.[/su_column]
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Unlimited Vendors

Create an unlimited number of offers and deals through an unlimited number of vendors and merchants. Each deal is an individual entity which can be configured for specific vendors or partnerships based on Your requirements.,This can be expanded through our VendorsExtension.[/su_column]
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Fully Extendable

You can download and use the main plugin on its own for Free or You can add to it by using any of our powerful Extensions to increase the functionality, add to Your Mailing List, and integrate with other services. See our Extension Library here.[/su_column][/su_row]

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Sample deals site ….demoarrow


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Premium Extensions

The Premium Extension adds a number of additional deal types and styling functionality to the core free version :

  • Clearance – Add a clearance section to your website. Rotate last seasons items or stale inventory and give your customers some excitement. Clearance items can be automatically marked down as they age letting your customers hunt for bargains just like a brick and mortar store.
  • Evergreen – Start your deals and promotions when a user first visits your site. You can have fresh new deals for each visitor. Deal start dates are protected by cookies and ip.
  • Deal Styling – now you can create styles for your deals or use one of our pre-built styles. Deal listings can be called via shortcode and assign the style of your choice. Now deals can easily fit in with the design of your site.

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All Extensions

The extensions are the power of Deals Engine and can quickly bring your vision to reality. You can purchase the entire suite of extensions for one low price. Add new email marketing partners, add payment processor, all widgets for productivity. Build a complete deals site or section of your blog, portal, directory site, etc. Includes all 27 extensions; from payment processors and email marketing, to widgets and utilities.

* Does not include the separate WooCommerce or EDD Editions. The extensions are not compatible with these editions. Extensions only operate with the free wpDeals Engine.
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Individual Extensions

we have scores of extensions available to make a complete auction or other deal site.


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Featured Extensions:-