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EDD edition of Deals Engine

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Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is the most popular commerce engine for managing digital download sales. Software, music, e-books …if your uses purchases a downloadable product EDD is the tool for you. Now with the Deals Engine EDD Edition, you can have deals and specials on your EDD sites. Add deals for your software downloads, images, songs – whatever digital products you sell. Increase your numbers with scarcity marketing while building closer customer relations.

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Flexible Deals Configuration

Quickly create your deals with flexible options to set quantity, time, Dime Sale increases, and more:

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Variable Priced Deals

One of the powerful features of EDD is its ability to provide variable pricing, Deals Engine for EDD will allow you to set separate deal prices per variable option

variable deals
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You can present your deals on a “Deals Home Page” where we can show current, upcoming and expired deals. Or put Deals listings in your pages via shortcodes. Add your Business information, terms and conditions and other information:

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Insert deals in your pages via shortcodes. We even give you a n easy to use interface to create the shortcodes:


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You can learn more about the Deals Engine for EDD from our documentation area.



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